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When we get that craving for something tasty or we run out of time for our breakfast and hunger sets in we tend to grab some junk food or other less healthy options, because that’s generally what is available out there. We settle for snacks that only satisfy our taste buds, but are no good for our body and mind.

How about eating something which is both tasty and good for you? Good news, no need to compromise anymore: Introducing Evina Naturals Healthy Snack Bars!


Chewy Granola

A delicious, nutritious and filling snack bar combining cereals, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Rich in fiber and made with Virgin Coconut Oil. Great as between-meal snack or meal replacer for those on a slimming diet. An ideal breakfast when combined with some yoghurt and fresh fruit. Contains rolled oats, peanuts, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, shredded coconut, brown sugar and raisins. Net weight 40 grams. P23.00 only



Fruit & Nut

A delightful snack full of quick energy. Rich in vitamins, proteins and healthy fats. Great for hikers and athletes who need a quick source of energy. Also suitable for a light between-meal snack, or as a healthy “candy” bar. Contains peanuts, cashew nuts, dried pineapple, dried mango, dried guyabano, sesame seeds, coconut and raisins. Net weight 30 grams. P25.00 only



Sesame & Honey

A substantial, low carbo snack bar rich in calcium, healthy fats and protein. This bar gets you covered until your next meal. It is great for people on slimming diet and appropriate for those who follow a LCHF (Low Carbohydrate High Fat) diet. And of course it tastes great! Contains roasted sesame seeds, pure honey and brown sugar. Net weight 40 grams. P23.00 only


Where to buy:

All branches of Iloilo Supermart, selected branches of Coffee Break, Damires Hills Resort, Ephratah Farm Resort, Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort. More outlets to come. Not living in Iloilo? Send us an email with your order and we will ship to your door.

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