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Air Freshener & Disinfectant

Air Freshener & Disinfectant

This spray combines the two purposes in one product. The alcohol solution eliminates most of the microbes in the air, on counters and tables, bath rooms, fabrics and floors etc. Pure essential oils known for their effective antibacterial properties, where Tea Tree oil tops the list, prevent any remaining bacteria, fungus etc. from escaping. The combination of these essential oils also gives a wonderful fragrance which lingers in the air, creating an atmosphere of purity and
freshness. Use it freely to remove bad odors in rooms, spray it on bed covers and pillows, inside closets etc. concentrated: A little spray goes a long way

Caution: do not spray near any face, as it may cause eye irritation.

Ingredients: Deodorized alcohol, water, pure Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Litsea, Rosemary.

Packaging size: 120ml

Soon available in stores. Currently sold at our factory outlet only. For information email us at customerservice@evinanaturals.com

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