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Coco Sugar

Coco Sugar

Evina Naturals Coco Sugar is a delicious and nutritious alternative sweetener, with its caramel like rich flavor. Coco sugar contains more nutrients than other sweeteners and may therefore also be considered as a food product. Coco sugar is processed from the fresh, dehydrated nectar of the coconut flower. The nectar is harvested from the flower before it develops the coconuts. Coco sugar is gentle on your blood sugar levels due to its low Glycemic Index (GI=35), and therefore safe to consume for diabetics.

Uses: As a replacement for sugar or honey in any food/beverage preparations, such as in your coffee or tea, breakfast cereals, cooking, baking, shakes and desserts. When applying coco sugar to your favorite recipes the result is sure to be more tasty and more nutritious! 

Content: 200grams in stand up pouch

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