Vilma Dioso

Vilma Dioso
December 28, 2017

I am Vilma Dioso, from Oton, Iloilo. At my age it cannot be avoided that I felt body pains and fatigue. Sometimes, I took over-the-counter medicines like pain relievers to ease muscle pain and headaches. As time passed by I noticed that without the aid of these medicines I cannot do my daily routines so I make it a point that I have stocks in case I need it.

When I came to visit Einar's Natural Food Export, I was offered Healtea Herbal Tea. It's a turmeric with a twist of cinnamon and black pepper. At first, I don't really like to try it because I was hesitant I might not like the taste but as I slowly sip it, I felt the pleasing flavor until I finished drinking. It was a known fact that turmeric plant contain medicinal value to our health so I became interested to buy and make it my daily habit.

I started using turmeric Healtea herbal tea since 2015 and I noticed I never felt fatigue and body pain anymore. I can do my daily activities with vigor and strength and I am sure taking Healtea herbal tea boost my immune system and from then on I see to it that there is always Healtea in our home as every member of the family came to like it.

I stop taking over-the-counter medicines because I know it could give adverse side effects on our health especially without the prescription of a doctor. Taking natural herbal supplements can help our body fight diseases that may come our way. Nowadays, natural food supplement is the campaign of the government to lessen the burden of hospitalization especially to the less fortunate who cannot afford to buy expensive medicines.

Besides Healtea, I also use Evina Naturals virgin coconut oit which is a natural oil that came from coconuts. It's a tree of life and it can aid disease by taking it regularly. As for me it's my body lotion, hair tonic, and conditioner. It can also be taken as antioxidants together with turmeric Healtea. Now, it all became our daily habit to take these as we all know it is our defense against diseases.

I strongly recommend everybody to use any of the Healteas and coco products produced by Einar's Natural Food Export. Once you tried it, you can't stop wanting it.

Vilma Dioso