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Einar’s Natural Food Export (ENFE) is a Single Proprietorship manufacturer and exporter focusing on organic or naturally grown food- and wellness products that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

ENFE advocates green manufacturing practices and ethical principles in its business model. It supports the local community by providing jobs and income generation to marginalized families, thereby generating a positive social impact.

In accordance with our motto “better health – better planet” we believe that our personal health and the health of our planet are interdependent. When we are healthier we are more capable and more likely to contribute something good to our planet, and in return a healthier planet will contribute more to our personal health.

Our mission

Improving people’s lifestyle, adhering to green manufacturing methods and fair business principles.

Our vision

To lead in innovating and producing natural cosmetics, organic- and superfood products, thus providing wellness and environmental balance.

In the light of this belief we at ENFE take seriously the 17 Sustainability Goals layed out by United Nations and contribute in our little ways within several of these Goals (press the icons for details):

  1. Giving livelihood to 21 families and 100 plus farmers
  2. In House Cash bond financing system for the employees
  3. Emergency financial assistance to poverty-stricken people in the community
  4. Sponsoring education of the children of marginalized employees and farmers
  1. Domestic markets update: Iloilo Supermarkets Panay (10), Alturas Supermarkets, Bohol (8), Robinsons Supermarkets, Panay(5), Bacolod (5), SM supermarkets, Savemore, Hypermart now nationwide, K drugstore nationwide (27 outlets)
  2. Online platforms: Lazada, Shopee, as well as V Pharma, WeNourish.
  3. Ongoing negotiations with a new Distributor, Fourtify Inc. for its nationwide network.
  4. International market: Seafood City Supermarkets in USA and Canada (32 outlets) and through Northridge International USA.
  5. Welfare at work: free nutritional meals, decent resting areas, landscaped factory grounds
  6. Social benefits
  7. Year-end bonuses to all staff, awards and recognitions to deserving employees
  8. On job training, lifestyle coaching
  9. No forced overtime
  10. No child labor
  11. No discrimination at work.
  1. Accepting applicants who are unlikely to get jobs elsewhere (low education, lack of work experience, partially handicapped, late pregnancy)
  2. Reduced high-to-low salary ratio
  3. Gender equality
  4. Woman managed company
Evina Naturals Products


The company was started by Liezl Tomter and her Norwegian husband, Bjorn Tomter in  2001 as a backyard business at Pavia town, Iloilo, Philippines. The first product was instant ginger tea, which was exported to Norway and sold in the health food market.

Due to extended stays in Norway for several years the business operation was compromised, until the family moved back to the Philippines in June 2012 and started focusing on the business from then onwards.

  • 2013

The company was approved as client under "SETUP" (Small Enterprise Technological Upgrading Program) of DOST. The program included technical training and consultation as well as financing of needed production equipment worth PHP 1.5 mill. Through this program the company was able to increase its production capacity and product line, and thereby expanding the market to Japan and USA for virgin coconut oil in 2013 to 2015. At the same time more attention was given to local sales (Philippines), recognizing that the domestic market also has great sales potential.

  • 2016

The herbal tea product line was expanded to 10 variants that now were distributed together with coconut products in the main supermarkets and other food outlets, including Iloilo Supermart, SM Supermarkets, SaveMore, SM Hypermart in Panay, and in 2017 SM Supermarkets in Bacolod and Cebu.

  • September 2016

The company was enrolled in the Ripples Plus program of DTI, with the purpose of improving its business model and strengthening its competitiveness. This is the first company in region 6 to qualify for such enrollment.

September 2016
December 2018
  • December 2018

Our herbal teas entered the Singapore market, and were distributed in 30 Fairprice supermarkets as well as online stores.

  • 2019

Our products entered a new supermarket chain, Alturas Supermarket in Bohol region, consisting of 6 major outlets.

February 2019
  • February 2019

The company was approved for a second SETUP assistance worth PHP 3 mill. for the purchase of more machinery and pre-printed packaging materials. The purpose of the new machinery was to improve existing products in quality and production capacity, and introducing a new product line: healthy snacks.

  • October 2019

As a result of a branding/packaging development consultation with the Canadian marketing/design expert Ira Teich we developed two new brand names: SMARTbar for our energy/fitness bars and Gourmet Herbal Tea Colletion for our herbal tea line. These brand names were registered in November 2019.

October 2019
June to December 2019
  • June to December 2019

A major renovation of the production plant was started in order to accommodate the new machinery, as well as to make more efficient use of the production plant space.

  • March to July 2020

Our herbal teas entered SM supermarkets/Savemore in CDO, Davao, Gen San and Manila (NCR), thereby having reached nationwide distribution.

Our presence in the online market was strengthened during 2020 and 2021 by entering the 3 largest online platforms in the Philippines: Lazada, Shopee and BeautyMnl.

March to July 2020
July 2021
  • July 2021

Our herbal teas entered the US and Canadian market through Foremost Foods, Inc, distributing to 32 Seafood City Supermarkets in USA and Canada.

  • December 2021

Another Consolidator, Northridge International, placed their first Order of our teas for additional markets in the USA.

December 2021
  • 2021

Ongoing renovation of new office space and production facility


Evina Naturals Products



Evina Naturals Products


Customer testimonials

“I started using turmeric Healtea herbal tea since 2015 and I noticed I never felt fatigue and body pain anymore. I can do my daily activities with vigor and strength and I am sure taking Healtea herbal tea boost my immune system and from then on I see to it that there is always Healtea in our home as every member of the family came to like it. I strongly recommend everybody to use any of the Healteas and coco products produced by Einar’s Natural Food Export. Once you tried it, you can’t stop wanting it.